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Welcome to 4×4 Uganda Car Hire With Great Service and Low Cost!

For travelers who prefer independence and flexibility or simply better access to all parts of Uganda, a 4X4  rental car may be a good option for either the whole trip or just part of it. Our cars are  a good option for adventure-minded travelers, who do not mind a few challenges along the way. 4X4 Uganda Car hire  also provides car hire extras for hire like good road map, GPS, Camping equipment, baby seats,  for the first time visitors to Uganda. Airport transfers, One way rentals, Hotel or lodge bookings  makes 4x4 Uganda Car hire the number one company for the rentals options in Uganda.


 We have mastered this business of catering for independent travelers by organizing and tailor making their self-drive safaris in the pearl of Africa as well throughout the entire East African region.

Select from the Fleet

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav 4

From USD 50 Per Day
This is so easy to drive

Toyota Landcruiser GX

Midsize SUV

USD 80 Per Day
Good for Rough Roads

Toyota Safari Van

From USD75 per Day This Means Safari Adventure

Land cruiser Prado TZ

From USD 70 Per Day So Comfortable on the road
Safari landcruiser

Toyota Safari Landcruiser

From USD 130 Per Day This is good For Game Viewing
Safari Landcruiser 8 seater

Safari Land cruiser 7 Seater

From USD 200 Per Day For the best Luxury Safaris

Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah

From USD 55 Per Day
Family Car for Adventure

Safari Coaster 28 Seater

From USD 180 Per Day Good for the Group Tours

Toyota Landcruiser  Hard Top

From USD 100 Per Day The best 4X4 Wheel Drive

Land Cruiser  With Roof Top Tents

From USD 85 Per Day Fully equipped with everything you need to travel

Land Cruiser  With 2 Roof Top Tent

From USD 140 Per Day 4X4 Car hire with Accommodation Simplified

Land Cruiser V8  With Roof Top Tent

From USD 140 Per Day Get 4X4 WD together with a tent all in one Package

Car Hire Extras


From USD 5-10 Per Day
Camping Gears


From USD 5 Per Day
GPS systems

bar Car seat

From USD 8 Per Day
Child seat

From USD 10 Per Day Electronic Cooler Box


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Airport Transfers

Book your airport transfer to or from Entebbe at as low as 30 USD. We offer airport transfers from Entebbe to different parts of Uganda for example Jinja, Mbarara, Kasese, Gulu among others. We are available 24 hours a day just call +256772552950 for early booking. Read More

hotel reservations

Hotel Reservations

Here at 4X4 Uganda Car hire, we do help our clients with booking for them their preferred accommodations at no extra cost. So when you hire a car from us, we do also go an extra mile and book for you any hotel of your choice and you pay when you arrive.

Book Now Pay Later Secure Your Car Rental Uganda With A Small Or No Deposit! Guarantee the car you want for the dates you need, destination and at the best rate with a small or no deposit, its that easy


Uganda has some of the most magnificent landscapes which are unique and the country has good roads with many tourism attractions like National parks including Bwindi and Mgahinga which are known for the endangered mountain gorillas. 4x4 car hire is an excellent option for large families, solo travellers, couples, not only is it more affordable, but it also offers the most excellent services.

When preparing for a holiday, it is essential to book in advance and confirm in time with 4x4 car hire as last minute rental reservations are not advisable.

4x4 car hire allows you to be more flexible with your travel itinerary where you can stop and enjoy Ugandan hidden attractions and beauty. Our fleet consists of Rav4, Land cruisers, super customs, omni buses and all are convenient for game viewing and many other attractions because they have sun roofs or open roofs.


Hire a 4x4 car with RTR from as low as US$ 40 per day, including road map, comprehensive car insurance, a phone, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Rent quality camping gears from as low as US$ 5 per day and turn your trip into an experience of a lifetime!

Have the whole country at your disposal when you rent a car with us in Uganda. Our easy booking system is simple to use, and you can make savings when you book online. Short term options are available if you’re planning a brief stay or if you’re thinking of mapping out a road trip, our one way rentals are ideal. Speak to us to discover the best option for you, as you could also book a long term or monthly Ugandan car rental.

Embrace the convenience of having your own vehicle by exploring places difficult to reach through other modes of transport. Take in the scenery, propose an impromptu outing and discover life off the beaten track. 4x4 car hire offers cheap holiday car rental in Uganda, so there’s never been an easier way to fill up the trunk and head out on a completely unique adventure! Our rentals are also suitable for business trips.

Western Uganda is mostly covered by the East African Albertain Mountains. The dense forest cover provides a rich ecosystem for a variety of animals and plant species. The location has a variety of large animals like the Columbus monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas. You will find mountain gorillas permits for tourists to mingle with the wild in safety. Its landscape is characterized by rolling hills, a savanna, plains and aesthetic looking swamps. All this comes to life for viewing within the comfort of your rented vehicle from 4x4 car hire.

Among the wildlife reserves is the Queen Elizabeth national park with the fascinating wildebeests and antelopes. It has a variety of acacia trees and a grassland savannah. Bwindi impenetrable national Park is decorated by bamboo trees and moorland. These parks have endangered plants from endemic varieties. However, in order to conveniently tour this region, you need to get in touch with a reputable car hiring company and most probably 4x4 car hire.

You will also find watershed especially on Kazinga channel connecting lake George and lake Edward. Take a tour to around L.Victoria, one of the 2nd largest lake in the world. The Lake and wildlife endowment are a natural wonder. How about the over 670 bird species in Uganda? Amazing group tours in the Mabamba swamp is a treat for bird watching activities. Tour companies hire cars for such expeditions around the Albertine Rift. There are numerous bird species of storks and cranes to watch. Holiday makers can’t get enough of Uganda’s natural resources but at least they can have a feel of some great percentage with a hired car from 4x4 car hire.

You should always wear a seat belt and make sure the other passengers do as well.

Your defensive driving mode should be on all the time - expect the unexpected!

The catch phrase is 'don't drink and drive'. In many cases there are no gadgets to even taste the alcohol limit and therefore no limits but left to the judgment of the traffic officer - You don't want to take such a risk, do you? You could run out of luck.

The speed limit on highways in Uganda is 80km/hr. and 40km/hr in built up areas. You might not see the speed limit signs frequently in some places but take extra care because police strictly enforces this law and breaking speed limits can result in a fine, imprisonment or even both.

Don't use your mobile phone whilst driving - this should be common sense!

Give way to the right especially if there are no traffic lights, stop signs and at T-junctions. Take extra care at the zebras for any pedestrians crossing and go around the roundabouts in the clockwise direction.

If you are involved in an accident, contact your insurer immediately and make sure you take pictures of the scene and the damage to your car.

Don't overload your vehicle and ensure you can see out of the back window.

Don't drive when you are tired - you can imagine it's even more risky to try driving in Uganda in that state. Take regular breaks on long journeys or share the driving if one of your passengers can and is permitted to drive.

There could be more to this list but that should set you going about driving in Uganda without trouble.

You will realize that most of the cars in Uganda are rightt hand drive (RHD) and if you are used to the left hand drive (LHD) back in your country of origins, you might reach for your wipers rather than the indicators - funny, isn't it! You will do quite a few of these as you get used.

And then who knows, 2/3 years down the road you could have grown into one of the best drivers in the world if not the worst!

An International driving permit is acceptable and can be used in Rwanda for only one year after which you should apply for a Rwandan driver license.

Third party is required

Camping gears

We do have camping gears that we hire out to clients at relatively cheap prices. One is liable to a very high discount when she/he has also rented a car from us. Our camping gears stretch from beddings through the tents to kitchen wear.

Use this checklist to help you pack for your camping trip!



Ground sheet or tarp

Sleeping bags



Folding chairs

Camp stove

Stove fuel

Fuel funnel

Water jug

Water bottles



Degradable dish soap

Dish towels

Dish cloth /Scrubber

Paper towels


Garbage bags

Cooking pots and pans

Large bowl

Cutting board


Serving spoons


Can opener


Camp stove toaster

Coffee press /maker

Mess Kits (1 per person)

Utensil set (spoon, knife, fork)




Flashlights or headlamps (great for reading in bed at night)

Extra batteries.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Today's GPS receivers are extremely accurate, thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. These parallel channel receivers are quick to lock onto satellites when first turned on and they maintain strong locks, even in dense foliage or urban settings with tall buildings. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error can affect the accuracy of GPS receivers. So when perfectly used, a GPS will direct you exactly to your required destination. So always employ the use of a GPS for directions such that you don’t get lost on the way. These gadgets are also available at very low extra costs between $5-$10 per day depending on the number of days you are going to be with it.

Travel maps

This is also another additional service that comes with car hiring. When you hire a vehicle from us, you are sure of a travel map of any East African country that you will be travelling to so in any way you will not get lost in the course of your safari and this is given to you at no extra cost.

Booking hotels/lodges

Here at road trip Rwanda, we do help our clients with booking for them their preferred accommodations at no extra cost. So when you hire a car from us, we do also go an extra mile and book for you any hotel of your choice and you pay when you arrive.

Securing gorilla permits

Securing gorilla permits is one of the other services that we offer to our clients at no added cost. We do help our clients book them gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits and golden monkey permits and we hand them to them when delivering the car to them.