4X4 Quality Vehicles at Incredible low rates ever
Entebbe Road Najja Shopping Center
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 17:00

Rav 4 Short 40 Dollars

Toyota Rav 4

From USD 40 Per Day
For two Travellers

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav 4

From USD 45 Per Day
So easy to drive

Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah

From USD 55 Per Day
Family Car for Adventure

Rav New Model

Toyota Rav 4 Latest

From USD 65 per Day

Drive Confortably

Super Custom

Super Custom

From USD 65 Per Day
Takes up to 7 People

Landcruiser TZ

Landcruiser Prado TZ

From USD 70 Per Day
So Confortable on the road

Toyota Safari Van

Toyota Safari Van

From USD75 per Day

This Means Safari Adventure

Toyota Landcruiser GX

Midsize SUV

USD 80 Per Day
Good for Rough Roads

Nissan patrol

Intermediate Cars

From USD 100 Per Day
The best 4X4 Wheel Drive

Safari landcruiser

Toyota Safari Landcruiser

From USD 110 Per Day
For Game Viewing

Safari Coaster 28 Seater

Safari Coaster 28 Seater

From USD 180 Per Day
Good for the Group Tours

Safari Landcruiser 8 seater

Safari land cruiser 7 Seater

From USD 200 Per Day
For the best Luxury Safaris